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Custom Tweed Suits for Men

The tweed suit is an absolutely perfect addition to any modern gentleman's wardrobe. Tweed is a natural fiber textile and is one of the most recognizable and classical suit options.
deal for weddings, also if you love the vintage style of shows like Peaky Blinders you will find that a tweed suit is an absolute must for your wardrobe.
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Tweed Suits - A Style Statement for the Modern Gentleman

Tweed suit is the ultimate fashion style, immortalized by the Scotts way back in the 18th century. Though initially it was used for work wear but its elegant look, made it a fashion symbol. In fact, the British monarch, King Andrew gave tweed suit the much-needed space in the fashion industry by adorning them at various royal events and state dinners. He even famously invented the Baltimore tweed after buying the famous Scottish castle. Tweed suits for men have withstood the test of time and remained in style for ages. Even today it stands its ground perfectly in every modern man's wardrobe.

Many numerous designs and varieties are associated with tweed suits. Mostly, men adorn them at formal events adding the extra style and oomph to a regular warm suit. But you can easily mix and match tweed jackets with casual pants or denims and wear them at casual parties as well. Many Hollywood stars like James Bond and George Clooney have revamped the tweed suit adding a new dimension of fashion to it. It is in fact, the powerhouse of style and fashion for young and old alike. Let's find out more about this timeless garment.

What exactly is Tweed?

Well for the uninitiated, it is mostly a warm fabric that has been woven in twists and turns to give it a unique blend. It is mostly made from warm wool threads.

The latest tweed suit fabrics, that are available in the market boasts off various variations as well. There are different varieties of blends available in form of wool and cotton, wool, and silk to name a few.

Tweed suit for men is no less than a revolution. The very texture of the tweed gives any garment, be it a jacket or suit a classy and smart touch. At StudioSuits, we have a wide collection of men's tweed suit.

Tweed Suits exude longevity and style

tweed suit is an ideal for a man. Perfect for outdoors and intimate gatherings. A custom-made tweed suit is suitable for any occasion. A fitted tweed suit is durable and dependable plus it never goes out of style.

As the material is made of twisted threads woven together, it keeps you warm. These days some tweed material is also made of polyester and nylon threads. These fabrics provide more durability and are waterproof as well. Always air dry your tweed suit properly before storing it. This will considerably increase the life of your garment.

Our tweed suits are also one of the most high-quality pieces of clothing you can find online. We customize everything according to your measurements because we want to make sure your suit fits you perfectly. We create garments that are a perfect fit and deliver it to your door.
Because tweed is a type of woolen fabric a tweed suit is weather-resistant, warm, comfortable and with our custom made options they are also a perfect fit.

Designs and patterns galore

A tweed suit can be worn as a three-piece suit for a wedding or an office. You can also flaunt it as a separate blazer for any casual event. It is a perfect outdoor wear for winters.

Subtle design patterns of the tweed suit give it a different look and adds variety to your collection of suits. At StudioSuits, you will find quite a few patterns like Donegal, Stripes, Herringbone, Houndstooth, , Plaids, and Solids.

All these patterns come in myriad colours and shades. From subtle browns an grays to more trendy mustards and greens. With so many shades available at StudioSuits, you will be spoilt for choice.

If you like something more personal, we can make a bespoke tweed suit for you too. You can add leather patches and trimmings to a regular suit to make it look more trendy. You can accessorize the suit to make it look different too. Add a silk scarf to it for a more flamboyant feel or wear it with a t-shirt and sneakers for a casual occasion.

Custom made to compliment your style

We all want to look impressive. It always feel great when friends complement our style. The custom-made tweed suits will instantly lift your spirits and style quotient with complements galore from everyone around you. Just the right cut and design will up your confidence a couple of notches high.

At StudioSuits, we take utmost pride in our bespoke men's tweed suits designed and crafted to perfection. The best part is that can be ordered from the comfort of your home. Just follow our step-by-step directions and wait for your product. It takes a minimum of two weeks to deliver products to your doorsteps. Be it any occasion we are always ready to help.

Before you become the owner of this sophisticated piece of clothing, it is important to consider these pointers.

FAQs - Tweed Suits

Are tweed suits meant for formal events or casual ones?

Thee way you wear your tweed suit makes all the difference. The moment you style your jacket with denim they become casual. On the other hand, when you wear a well-fitted three-piece men's tweed suit, you are ready for any formal event. Just pick as per the occasion. Even the colors you choose define the occasion you can wear them for. For instance, a pink tweed suit will be for a more trendy, casual do while a gray one can be worn for a formal event.

Are tweed suits warm enough?

The way tweed material is woven makes it warm enough for winters. The criss-cross pattern gives it extra strength and durability. They guard you against harsh winds as well.

Are light shades of tweed available in the market?

Well yes, technology has made it possible for us to choose from a wide range of colors. At StudioSuits we have everything from vintage grays to lightweight rust, melange melon to spring pink. You name a color and it is available.

How easy is it to style a tweed suit?

As easy as eating a piece of cake. All you have to keep in mind the type of occasion you are going to be at. In case, it is a formal event straight away pick a single color suit or else you have scope for experiment. For instance, tweed jackets go well with denim and even plain pants. You can add a scarf to make it more fashionable and casual.

Should I go for a custom-made suit or something off the rack?

We would definitely recommend a perfectly fitted custom-made tweed suit. The only difference between ready-to-wear and custom-made garments is the fit. You don't have to compromise on either the style or color. StudioSuits provide you an extensive range of products and designs to choose from. Give yourself the suit you really crave for with our bespoke tweed suits.

Can I wear a tweed suit to a wedding?

Of course, you can! At StudioSuits you will have various options to choose from. For a day wedding, pick lighter shades and for evening receptions any shade of black and blue will be great. Add a tie, bow tie and a pocket square and you will look like true sophisticated gentleman.

Refine your sense of style with tweed suits from StudioSuits- you will surely not regret it!