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Our Collection of Tweed Jackets

The tweed jacket has been an epitome of classic British style for decades. Our tweed jackets are made out of pure wool with superior quality at Studio Suits. We offer custom tweed suits for a complete look. But nevertheless, a tweed coat can be worn separately and combined with a number of different styles.

Tweed is made out of woolen fabric that originated from Scotland. The thickness of tweed and its rugged weave was originally designed for the common folk in order to protect them from harsh weather. That's why this fabric is still perfect today for protection from wind, rain and the cold.

The classic tweed suit is often made in earthy tones reflecting the British landscape. So, it's no wonder that it has been a favorite amongst hunters and fishers. Not only did a tweed jacket protect them from chilled weather, but they also blended with their surroundings and looked absolutely stylish for their sports activities. Tweed is often associated with a more traditional style, but it is, and it will remain a timeless piece of clothing. Our jackets are tailored to suit you and because they are so versatile they can be combined with a wide range of clothing items and accessories.

If you are a type of man who has an affinity for style, make sure you include a high-quality tweed jacket into your attire. Get inspired by shows like Peaky Blinders, Dr. Who or movie characters like Indiana Jones and rock your jacket.

Don't forget to browse our wide and impressive collection of tweed jackets made out of the finest wool.

What is a tweed jacket?

A tweed jacket is made out of tweed which is made out of woolen fabric. Tweed has been and is still a staple of traditional menswear. The name tweed originated in Scotland from the River Tweed that flows through the original producing country of this fabric.

The history of the name is actually a pretty funny story. The people from Scotland, back in the day, called this type of fabric “tweel” but a London buyer misread tweel and assumed the agent wrote tweed. And the name stuck ever since.

Our tweed jackets are made out of premium woolen fabric. The woolen fabric we use is flexible but not as smooth as some other types of wool. This is because a tweed jacket must be sturdy in order for it to be efficient against harsh weather.

Some of our tweed jackets have an extra pattern in the weave that is either herringbone or houndstooth. This is what gives them that characteristically stern look that is associated with this type of clothing.
On the other hand, we also offer some non-traditional looking tweed jackets in solid colors with an extensive variety of colors ranging from brown and black to bright yellow and pink.

Traditionally specific regions in Britain had their own trademark tweed and that why we have today Harris Tweed, Donegal Tweed…

So if someone asks what is a Harris tweed jacket?You can tell them that a Harris tweed jacket is a type of trademark tweed originated in Scotland.

Types of Tweed

You will find that in our collection of men’s tweed jackets there are all types of patterned and unpatterned style. We offer plain twill jackets, overcheck twill, plain herringbone, overcheck herringbone, barleycorn, striped tweed, houndstooth, checked, tartan and plaid tweeds.

Each and every one of these types of patterned jackets can be worn on different occasions and styled to perfectly reflect your personality and sense of fashion. It’s only natural to presume that a plain twill jacket will go with anything but, barleycorn tweed or checked tweed can spice up your complete look.

Having a tweed jacket in any of these patterns really speak for themselves. There is not a chance that you won’t be noticed wherever you go. They are original and always look so classy.

What Do You Wear With a Tweed Jacket?

Men’s tweed jackets are very versatile pieces of clothing that can be combined with almost anything. Depending on the occasion there are several ways you can style them.

From a casual to a formal look, using the right clothing and accessories can make your tweed jacket really stand out.

Choose the right tweed jacket

At Studio Suits, you will find a wide range of styles and colors of tweed coats. It’s important to one that is going to flatter your complexion and that will fit you perfectly. Our tweed jackets are custom made so that shouldn’t be a problem.

If you spend your time outside often, use earthier tones of jackets. For a smart-casual look try navy, grey, and all the bluish tones and pinkish tones. The smart casual look is good for office wear, weddings, restaurant meetings, etc.

For a more formal look, you can never go wrong with a black jacket.

Why are there patches on tweed jackets?

Some tweed jackets have patches that make up a very unique addition to your jacket. Some people even consider this look to be a “professor’s” look.

Because professors and other men who work at the office often have their elbows on some sort of surface or a desk the fabric on the elbow tears down quicker.

So elbow patches come there in handy as they are usually made of tear resistible materials like leather, suede, etc. Elbow patches are usually replaceable making them super handy.

What to wear under the jacket?

Depending on the occasion you can choose any plain shirt(white, blue, black…) But, you can always experiment with the fabric of your shirt and the collar type.

Tweed goes exceptionally well with long sleeve turtle neck tops, long-sleeve polo tops and if the weather is really cold you can combine it with a light sweater.

What about the bottoms?

Pair your tweed jacket with formal trousers, chinos, jeans and even corduroy. Make sure your bottoms complement your jacket’s color rather than overshadowing them.

How to accessorize?

There is a rule every gentleman must follow and that is to always combine your belt with your shoes. Make sure your accessories make your overall outfit stand out and look put together.

Tweed Jackets at Studio Suits

Our tweed jackets are made from high-quality wool, with precise methods by our skilled craftsman. We offer superior quality at competitive prices with a wide range of unique-looking jackets that will suit any modern gentleman.

Get your tweed jacket today.