Shirts for Men

Browse our collection of high-quality shirts for men. All shirt models are fully customizable to fit your size and style. At StudioSuits we are dedicated to your satisfaction with the product, which is why we offer several customization steps with many different options.

Apart from choosing between many different colors, you can also choose your preferred collar and cuff style on any shirt you pick. We also offer customizable front buttoning, as well as buttons in different colors. You can even make your StudioSuits shirt unique by adding a three-letter monogram on the cuff or chest.

With over five hundred stylish models of tailored dress shirts and casual shirts made of cotton, linen, or tweed, and all the customization options, you are bound to find the perfect shirt for yourself at StudioSuits. Whether you are looking for custom long sleeve shirts, half sleeve shirts, formal or informal shirts, we’ve got you covered for every season and occasion.

Custom Fit Shirts for Men: Made to measure

Explore our wide and versatile collection of high-quality, stylish, and custom made shirts for men ranging from pure business to fun patterns. Order men's dress shirts online that are uniquely designed and sewn to perfection, in both style and size. Once you wear custom dress shirts from StudioSuits, you will never go back to buying off the rack. Every piece is unique and made to flatter your proportions. Look sharp every time you step out with our custom tailored shirts.

Our custom dress shirts online are designed using precise structuring, construction, and patterns to help achieve the ideal appearance, comfort, and performance. We leverage years of traditional tailoring expertise with sophisticated fabrics and online measurements to help our customers achieve the perfect fit every time – guaranteed.

When it comes to the perfect custom fit dress shirts, it is all about standing out from the crowd. We help you do so with multiple customization options such as the dress shirt fabric, collar style, cuff style, buttons, and monogram so that you can create your own version of the classic dress shirt. Customize one of our featured men's custom shirt designs on our website or design your own to get exactly what you need to match your wardrobe.

Custom Dress Shirts: How to style it?

How Should a Men's Dress Shirt Fit?

A dress shirt is the hero of the suit, and a perfectly tailored dress shirt can tie your entire attire together. The right fit makes all the difference when it comes to shirts. Not only does an ill-fitted shirt feel uncomfortable, but it can also look sloppy and hinder your image. Here is an overview of the most important elements of a well-fitted dress shirt

The Collar

A properly fitting collar should allow you to slip one finger between it and your neck at any point. If it is too tight (pressing against your neck) or too loose, it can ruin your entire attire, especially if you are wearing a suit since it covers almost every other part of the shirt.

The Torso

If the shirt is too tight across your chest, you will notice you have some difficulties buttoning up the shirt as the buttons strain to close. On the other hand, a loose shirt will have noticeable billowing around the waist or chest. You should be able to tuck in a well-fitting shirt without any billowing and button it up with ease.


The shoulder seam should be right where the shoulder slopes down to the arm. If you notice the seam starting where the shoulder slopes down, then the dress shirt is too big for you. If the seam lands before that, the shirt is a bit small for you.

The Sleeves

The sleeves should reach your wrist bone, and about half an inch of the cuff should be visible beyond jacket sleeves when you wear one. They should also be wide enough to allow you free movement but not loose enough to cause folding.

The Bottom Hem Length

Your shirt should be long enough to remain tucked in when you move around and raise your arms. A good rule of thumb is that a properly fitting shirt should end a few inches below the beltline so that it covers your belt entirely when untucked.