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Tailored Dress pants. Customized to your Style and Size.

More Than 100 Fabrics to choose from.

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At Studio suits, we never leave an opportunity to create a perfect fit and style for you. Our made-to-measure custom pants for men have always been a go-to-option for professionals. You tell us the measure and our experts will go over every detail to create that look for you.

Custom men's pants sets you free from the hassles of alterations. You don't have to make a frequent visit to the shops just to get your fit. A good fit is one of the best ways to show off your body in the most appealing way.
Usually, when anyone thinks of custom made, expensive is the only word that clicks their mind. But do you know the custom made pants showcase your personal style and take you one step ahead of other well-dressed men while they do not cost you much of the bucks?

Frequently Asked Questions - Pants

How do custom tailor dress pants work?

Our team of experts will go over your design, fit, and fabric for the customization process.

Select the fabric

New pants and new fabric for every season. Choose among our variety of fabrics and create your own look. More than 100 fabrics to choose from our collection. Once you decide the fabric, our professionals will proceed to the next step to personalizing yourcustom suit pants. Our suit fabrics include Cotton, Corduroy, Tweed, Wool, Merino Wool, and many more.

Design your own pants online

Personalizing the fit is one of the most important steps to creating custom-fit pants. At Studio Suits, we allow you to choose collar style, color, trims, threads color, and style. Your initials are our go-to-setter. Our team of stylists and master tailors dedicatedly work towards creating an impeccable fit for you.

What are Modern Fit Dress Pants?

Modern fit dress pants fall in between the classic fit and the slim fit dress pants. Custom-tailored pants offer a tighter fit than the classic fit pants around the legs, making you look thinner. They sit at the hips perfectly without the need for a belt to cinch them. They are also slightly a bit curved around the hip and the thigh area for added comfort.

Are Suit Pants and Dress Pants the Same?

Custom dress pants and tailored suit pants can be worn interchangeably as they have the same style, cut, and use the same type of fabric. In theory, custom suit pants are part of a formal suit, but they can be worn with a shirt without the jacket with ease.

Are Dress Pants Business Casual?

Business casual varies by industry, but there are still many similarities across the board. Business casual is the dressed-down version of business professional, and dress pants are the perfect attire for it. Tailored dress pants are adaptable and can be matched with a neutral-colored buttoned-down shirt, sweaters, or even a sport coat for that smart business casual look.

Are Custom Tailored Pants Expensive?

Custom made pants are much more affordable now due to the direct online model. Tailored pants for men are definitely worth it because of the superior quality of material, precise cuts, perfect size, and durability, compared to off-the-rack pants. For those who want to look their best, spending a few extra dollars is well worth it.

How do You Customize Pants?

Modern custom dress pants online are versatile, comfortable, and look great compared to classic cut pants. Apart from the pants' style, you can also choose the fabric, lining, closure type, pocket design, and belt loops depending on your body type and the way you wish to wear it.

Why Buy Custom Dress Pants Online?

The fit of the tailored pants for men is the biggest advantage of ordering dress pants online. When you buy custom pants online, you can choose from various options rather than be limited to what a manufacturer offers. You also get to decide exactly how you want your custom men's pants to be made. There is no need for you to try out an endless number of pants to get the right fit.