Green Suits

green suit always stands out and is perfect for casual events and parties. If you are new to green suits or just looking to add another shade of green to your existing suit collections, you've come to the right store. Choose from the many green men's suits we have offer.
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Are you looking for a way to make a statement at your next big event? Why not try a green suit? Green is the perfect color for making a great fashion statement, and it will help you stand out from the crowd.

Plus, green is a very versatile color, so you can find a green suit to match any outfit.If you're not sure how to wear a green suit, don't worry. We've got you covered. 

Whether you're looking for something formal or casual, there's a shade of green suit that will fit your style. So don't hesitate - give green suiting a try! You might just surprise yourself. 

Dark Green Suit

For an awesome look with a great deal of class, choose a dark green suit and pair it with a white dress shirt. To complement the outfit, get a pair of dark brown leather oxford shoes.

While green suits may be frowned upon in business culture, you can nail a classic look in the workplace with a dark green suit, especially if you want to stand out in the ocean of black and blue suits. Check our collection for a wide variety of dark green suits and shop with us today.

Emerald Green Suit

If you’re an adventurous dresser, get one emerald green suit from our collection and add it to your collection. Emerald green is a colorful and bright option to consider if you want to quickly get noticed. And as you might have noticed, emerald green suit is often used by people of class such as employees and college professors.

Emerald green suits are also suitable for dinner parties, especially if matched with boots or sneakers. What's more, an emerald shade would perform at the theatre or opera. The unique selling point of emerald green is it fits all skin types.

Green Suit for Wedding

You can’t go wrong with a green suit for a spring or winter wedding. Go for a mint green shade for a spring wedding and choose a dark green suit for a winter wedding. Since green suits come in different colors, you’ll have to choose the right shade to make the right statement.

But you don’t have to worry too much about choosing the right green wedding suit when the experts at StudioSuits are available to help! Whether you are the best man, one of the groom’s men, or the groom, we’ll not only help you find the right shade but also assist you in deciding on a style of green suit.

Check our collection of men’s wedding green suits and choose either a slim fit, classic fit, or 3 piece wedding suit design. If you’re unsure of which option to order, let us know. All you need to do is to get a little bit descriptive about your needs and requirements, and we’ll get you what suits you!

Order your Green Suit from StudioSuits today

Whether you’re sourcing a green suit for the office, a wedding, or a casual event, you’ll find a variety of green shades of suits in our collection. Our suits are carefully designed from fine fabrics right from our workshop.

Client satisfaction has been our watchword since we opened our door for business. So we encourage you to contact us before placing an order to address special needs or after you’ve received your order if there’s something you don’t like. Ready to get a green suit that will suit your collection? Choose a design and order now!

Frequently Asked Questions - Green Suit

What are green suits used for?

A green suit jacket is suitable for both formal occasions and casual outings. Though green suits are not common in the workplace, you can still use one to stand out in the ocean of blues and blacks. But you’ll need to complement your choice of green with a fitting dress shirt, tie, pocket square, and pair of shoes.

What color suits should I own?

You can buy a suit of any color as long as it fits the setting you need it for. For business and office needs, blue, gray, and black are popular color options. In recent times, however, green suits, especially the dark ones, have been gaining a major fanbase. If you have no green suit in your collection, consider getting one from us.

If you don’t like the gray shade, fortunately, there are other colors to choose from. Emerald green, sea green, oak green, solar green, wool green, and dark green are other excellent shades of green available. You’ll love most of these green men suits in our collection in stunning designs. Don’t forget to pair your choice of green with the right pocket square, dress shirt, tie, and shoes.

What Colors go with a green suit?

White, light blue, and pink dress shirts would pair well with a green suit, depending on the shade of the suit. A white dress pairs well with a cotton green suit and a dark green tie, while a wool green suit paired with a light blue shirt and black striped tie would look great. But once again, the choice of a dress shirt and tie you choose depends on the suit’s shade.