Gray Jackets

Gray, the colour of simple sophistication, is a must-have in every wardrobe. Achieve the perfect look at every occasion with a gray powered ensemble.
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Gray Jackets

Is your closet brimming with clothes but you are still unable to put together a different outfit? Bring out the greys! 

Grays are a versatile neutral that can be easily paired with complementing and contrasting colors alike. Grey jackets for instance can suit formal and casual occasions depending on its style. 

No wonder a gray jacket for men is a holy grail in sartorial elegance. 

When it comes to jackets, there are a wide variety of them and each of them pertain to a particular season or occasion.If you love gray jackets, you’ll love our extensive range of collection. We have more than the 50 shades of grey, for every occasion, for every mood and every style. Pick the ones you love and infuse style and sophistication into your wardrobe.

Shades of gray jackets:

50 shades of grey? There are more. Grey is a neutral tone with a variety of shades. Some tones play well for particular occasions. Lets look at some broadly categorized shades of gray jackets, their use and preferred occasion. 

Light grey jackets

Light grey jackets are perfect for casual outings and outdoor activities. The light grey symbolizes a laid back, fun and relaxed setting. This is a perfect choice for a weekend getaway with colleagues, semi-formal occasions or even an early party. 

How to style a light grey jacket: 

Match a light grey jacket with a navy shirt and navy chinos teamed with a pair of suede loafers. 

Dark gray jackets

Dark gray jackets ooze elegance and refinement. Darker colors symbolize seriousness and regality. Use your dark gray jacket for a business meeting at a restaurant or even a casual job interview to make a subtle statement. 

Some luxury gray jackets can be used to project yourself as a show-stopper. This has been seen as a recurrent trend among celebrities and movie stars

How to style a dark grey jacket

Pairing it with white sweatshirts or light colored tees and matching pair of pants creates an oomph factor that is hard to ignore. 

Charcoal gray jacket

Charcoal gray jackets are one of the most common colors found and liked by all fashionistas. It is a color that goes well with all the light shades. Pick a shade like pink, yellow, white and the charcoal jacket will fit like a Lego piece. If you are going for a bolder statement, red and burgundy also do phenomenally well. 

How to style a charcoal gray jacket:

Pair the jacket with a black shirt for a timeless and classic look.

Silver jacket

Silver jackets are shiny, and some people can't seem to shy away from the limelight that is attracted to it. Do you want to be the center of attention at a party? Pull all the eyes all the way across the room? Silver is the one for you. Predominantly made for those who lust after glam and glitz, the silver jacket is a must-have for the wardrobe of every party fanatic.

How to style a silver jacket:

Pair a silver jacket with a black shirt and jeans for a comfort look. For bolder statements, using dark olive or green pants. Using a white shirt or tee completes the dauntless look. Be unapologetically bold by rocking the silver jacket. 


What pants should I wear with a gray jacket?

A gray jacket and navy pants are often deemed as match made in sartorial heaven. Other compatible matches include khaki pants and black pants. These are no-fail choices in fashion and will help you elevate your look without much effort. 

What color shoes should I wear with a gray jacket?

Depending on the style, choosing shoes that match a gray jacket is a no-brainer. For casual and laid-back looks, white, beige, tobacco colored sneakers, athletic shoes, loafers help complete it. 

For a more refined and elegant look, add brown suede shoes or shiny black shoes. Dark pants and brown leather boots are also a deadly combination that never fails to infuse style. 

What should I keep in mind when buying a grey jacket?

Before buying any jacket, first check the length and style to ensure that it complements your body type. For example, a flaring jacket may look unappealing while a short one can look out of place. Before buying a gray jacket, first audit your wardrobe. There are multiple shades of grey and it is important and sensible to buy the one that pairs well with your existing collection. If you have light colored shirts, go for a dark gray jacket.  

Can you wear a grey jacket with khaki pants?

Yes. A grey jacket with khaki pants is a sleek and stylish look. Wear a light grey jacket with a white shirt and pair them with khaki chinos for a relaxed evening with friends and family. Adding a pair of beige low top sneakers completes the dapper look and allows you to stand out from the crowd. 

Is it okay to wear a grey shirt, grey jacket, and grey pants, but of different shades?

Yes. It is completely okay to wear an outfit that uses different shades of grey. There are more than 50 shades of grey and they are all uniquely capable of pulling together an outfit. Going all grey in your outfit even has its own name and trend, “groufit” (a portmanteau of grey outfit) in the halls of fashionable ensembles. 

Wear a tailor-fit attire of light grey shirt, charcoal grey jacket with matching grey relaxed chinos for a casual look. Pairing it with white canvas or black suede shoes makes an unmistakably simple yet sophisticated statement. 


What color shirts go well with a gray jacket?

A charcoal jacket pairs well with a plaid shirt and matching blue jeans. 

Though casual looks have the classic plaid shirts as a tradition, going plain isn’t a cardinal sin and could up the style factor. Light colored shirts like white and beige always click, while olive and tobacco also pair nicely well. A refined and rich look can be achieved by infusing darker colors like navy, black and burgundy. 

What is the best occasion to wear a gray jacket?

The adaptability of grey to match the mood and occasion is why it is considered a grail in the fashion world. A gray jacket can be worn on formal as well as casual occasions. While black imposes and white surrenders, grey is the negotiator-the moderator. Ace your casual business meeting with a light gray jacket, a white shirt, khaki chinos and suede loafers. 

For a laid-back attire, build your outfit with a dark gray jacket, black sweatshirt, tobacco chinos and brown boots.