Burgundy Suits

Wearing a burgundy suit is a great way to stand out in a crowd and make an impactful statement. Burgundy is a perfect color for the fall season. It looks great on men of all skin tones and it’s one of the most versatile colors for suits.

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Burgundy Suits

How you dress is a reflection of who you are and speaks volumes about your overall personality. Most men choose dull colors for suits. However, if you are looking to turn heads at a party, then a luxury burgundy suit is a great option. This is a rich color and reminds people of grandeur and style. Even if your suit is plain, the color is so elegant, you can carry it off with panache.

Burgundy suits are just one of many different colors that men can wear to match the seasons and events. Any man can look great in a burgundy suit. This rich, deep color is perfect for making a statement and turning heads. And while it may seem like a bold choice, a burgundy suit is actually surprisingly versatile. Whether you're wearing it to the office or to a formal event, it allows you to create different looks and style depending on the occasion.

If you're looking to add a pop of color to your wardrobe, consider a burgundy suit. It's luxurious, stylish, and sure to make you stand out in a crowd.

Why Burgundy?

Men don’t have to stick with the traditional black, blue or gray color shades for suits. To look snazzy and dapper, you can go for a burgundy color suit. Burgundy has a deep reddish color with a tint of purple hue which gives it a very rich and perfect look to dress up at formal occasions.

Choosing a burgundy suit over a traditional color suit is a risky and bold choice, but as a color, burgundy leans more on the subtle side. It is a rich dark shade and pairs very well with many neutral color tones.

The Formal Look Of The Burgundy Suit

As a color, burgundy is very royal shade for a suit. It is a dark color which looks lavish when worn on formal occasions. The basic thumb rule for evening wear is the darker the suit color, the more formal the look. A burgundy suit for men goes well with a black tie on a formal occasions amongst the sea of traditional black jackets. It surely looks classy and stands out without you trying hard. A burgundy suit is a great option to have in your collection that makes a good rotation choice.

Types of Burgundy Suit

First, let's start with the basics. A burgundy suit is a great way to add some color to your wardrobe. But before you go out and buy one, it's important to know what type of Burgundy suits are available. There are three main types of Burgundy suits: solid, pinstripe, and windowpane.

Solid Burgundy Suits are the most popular choice and can be easily dressed up or down.

Pinstripe Burgundy Suits are a bit more formal and are perfect for special occasions.

Windowpane Burgundy Suits are the most unique and eye-catching of the three. They're perfect for making a statement and turning heads.

Now that you know the different types of Burgundy suits available, it's time to choose the right one for you. 

Matching Colors With Burgundy Suit

Burgundy is a very royal dark color. It would be quite tempting to simply pair it with standard black or white colors, but there are several other colors which can be paired with your burgundy suit. Choose a neutral color shade like gray or off-white which will pair well with your burgundy suit. Even a pink goes well with burgundy as it makes a smooth transition of color from dark to light and goes quite hand in hand naturally.

Burgundy, as a color, relates to fall color shades. Pairing your burgundy suit with navy blue or dark blue is also a good choice. You can also pair your burgundy suit with shades of green. Sage green is a fine option for pairing it in fall and a dark green is a good option for winter.

Burgundy Suit / Tuxedo and Shirt Pairing

There are several different ways to wear a burgundy suit, with each one looking polished and professional.

White Shirt: Choosing a burgundy suit is a bold option and pairing it with white shirt is a safe bet. It allows you to blend your boldness with the comfort of traditional pairing and yet gives a classy look. You can opt for any other light color such as light gray or off-white shirt which essentially offsets the bold choice of burgundy suit.

Light Blue Shirt: Pairing your burgundy suit with a light or pale blue shirt is a very popular choice. The hues contrast each other and turn out chic when worn in combination. It is a very modern style of pairing and is best suited to wear during daytime formal events.

Pink Shirt: The combination is very sartorial in choice, but is extremely attention-grabbing when worn together.

Black Shirt: If you are looking for a truly sophisticated and eye-popping style, go ahead and pair a black shirt with your burgundy suit. A black shirt with deep reddish color hue suit (burgundy has hues of deep red) complement each other quite magically.

Matching Ties

To complete the formal look, a tie is essential to your burgundy suit. A tie gives your overall look an order, sense of nobility and honor. The tie was invented in the 17th century Europe, and it was King Louis XIV who first started wearing a tie and made it fashionable amongst the elite of Europe.

Black Tie: Pairing your burgundy suit with a white shirt and black tie is a classic look which can never go wrong. Black tie stands out on the white shirt and blends excellently with the burgundy suit. Wearing a burgundy suit with traditional white shirt and black tie combination gives it an edgy yet conventional look.

Brown Tie: The burgundy color has undertones of brown in it, which makes the brown tie a natural option for your suit. You can opt for striped, polka dots or plain brown ties. It will seem like an unexpected option, but the pairing will surprise you pleasantly.

Navy Tie: Navy blue is a super color choice when it comes to men’s fashion. It is a universal color and warms up the look for any man. Navy blue is a dark color which almost goes into black, but it is much less harsh on the eyes. It gives a very elegant look when worn with burgundy suit.

Light Blue Tie: Pairing your burgundy suit with a light blue tie is a very unusual choice but stylish. It brings that much-needed contrast to the entire look. Wearing your burgundy suit with a light blue tie is a great option for afternoon settings.

Step Up Your Burgundy Suit

It is a well known saying that a man’s class is judged by the shoes he wears. It is important to make sure that you give your burgundy suit a fine pair of shoes to finish the look. Black shoes are classic and go exceedingly well with a burgundy suit. It is a natural choice for most men. However, you can wear brown leather shoes, or if you want to be distinct, you can wear charcoal gray suede shoes. Brown shoes will go well if you are wearing a sage green shirt or any earthy color. What you should avoid wearing are burgundy shoes on a burgundy suit. Black shoes often go with most suits and are the safest best given the bold choice of a burgundy color suit.


What is the best occasion to wear a burgundy suit?

The burgundy suit is a great way of making a fashion statement, be it an evening or daytime wedding celebration or a cocktail party with friends and family.You can also choose to wear a linen burgundy suit which will give you a smart look.When selecting the perfect burgundy suit for any occasion, it is important to consider the fit, fabric, and style of the suit. These factors will all contribute to how well the suit looks on you and how comfortable you feel wearing it. 

What should I keep in mind when buying a burgundy suit?

When you choose burgundy as your color for the suit, you are making a strong statement right at the start. While going for a burgundy suit you must ensure the choice of a darker and deeper tone of burgundy. You must also choose the fabric carefully and ensure that it does not clash with the color itself. Burgundy suits are a great choice as fall or winter wear. Opting for a burgundy wool suit should be a good choice. You also need to ensure that the suit fits your body frame perfectly.

Is a burgundy suit professional?

Choosing a burgundy suit for a professional meeting or presentation is a personal choice. While it is not as common as a black or navy suit, a burgundy suit can be just as versatile and stylish.When choosing a burgundy suit, it is important to consider the formality of the event or occasion. For example, a darker shade of burgundy would be more appropriate for a formal event, while a lighter shade would be better for a more casual occasion. In general, a burgundy suit should be reserved for semi-formal or formal events.

What does a burgundy suit signify?

It signifies your individuality and tells the world you are someone who can think out of the box and standout. It also means you are not afraid to explore beyond the traditional boundaries. Burgundy suit is a bold and a beautiful choice. It denotes individuality and is a sign of a confident man who dares to choose a different path than the others. If you do not have a burgundy suit then you may want to get one and make a mark of your own in the world.

How do I style a burgundy suit?

Styling a burgundy suit is not as hard as you would think it to be. The general rule is to couple a dark suit with lighter pairings. Choose a light color shirt to tone down the burgundy color suit. Depending on the occasion wear a tie or choose to go without tie. Stick with safe color like black for your choice of shoes. You can also opt for a three-piece burgundy suit or a burgundy tuxedo to give you that edge.

What colors match a burgundy suit?

There is a palette of colors that match a burgundy suit. If you wish to be conservative then choose from neutral colors like black, white and gray. However, if you wish to be bolder, you can go for complementary colors like pink or dark navy blue. You can choose from several pastel colors to tone down the overall boldness which a burgundy suit brings to the table right at the beginning.